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VoIP services development
We offer commercial support, custom development and consulting services for any kind of projects related to VoIP and software like Asterisk, Kamailio, FreeSWITCH and other related open source VoIP/Linux technologies
Our best skills:
Products deployment
We are providing our products deployment services and carefully research client requirements and infrastructure
Technical support
We provide technical support with fixed SLA terms, including overnight technical support for own systems and systems after performing audit
Infrastructure installation
Having 15+ years with VoIP OSS projects we are providing services for full infrastructure installation starting core network till endpoint provisioning
Data Analysys
Having access to different client's data related to communications and speech and using ML-techniques we provide useful insights
Consulting and study
Our team always happy to transfer our knowledge and provide client with best information about most present technologies and its best usage scenarious
Development of custom projects and additional modules for own products, Asterisk, Vicidial, Kazoo and etc.
Or company have 15+ years of experience in area of development VoIP services and could provide several products based on our technologies:

  • Predictive dialer for call automation with Asterisk
  • Manage call-center operators schedules
  • Integrate CRM and CATI systems with telephony
  • Monitor GSM gateways (GoIP and Yeastar)
  • Proactively monitor your VoIP servers or services
  • Perform in-development testing for VoIP projects
  • Automate outbound marketing dialing
  • Analyze in-call voice responses
  • Provide platform for interactive voice service
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Open Source
We widely use open source VoIP software in or projects. For most of products we use we have contribution experience

  • Development platforms: Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Kamailio
  • Phone systems: FreePBX, Kazoo
  • CallCenter software: Vicidial
  • Monitoring: Voipmonitor, Homer, Zabbix
  • Check our Github profile to find out OSS projects done by our team.
Send request to to get more information on implemented projects and our experience.
We use Vicidial for our projects since 2008. Along with having great configuration and integration experience we have development great UI for outsourcing call-center clients:
  • End user UI for call details and recordings
  • Call assesment UI
  • Flexible shift management
  • Workforce management UI

Our company provide commercial support and custom development for Nortel hardware in Asterisk. Having experienced developers we provide service for migration from Nortel phone system to Asterisk-based with no hardware investments

Custom development
    Examples of implemented custom projects:
    • Communication platform for logistics company
    • Zabbix-based monitoring for cinema
    • Transparent WebRTC proxy for legacy PBX
    • Secure provisioning server for Kazoo
    • ML and computer vision based documents analysis

    Check our Upwork profile to look at some projects done by our team.
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